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Solar panel cleaning machine X4

Length: 3.5 meters/5.5 meters/7.5 meters

Version: Power version/Lithium version/Dual use version

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Double head photovoltaic cleaning machine

In 2022, the new patented technology air-cooled version dry cleaning and water dual use has been listed.

Suitable for various usage scenarios:Roof ,Mountainous high pile,Pond,Sloping roof.

The brushless motor version will be launched fully waterproof faster and more durable.

In this product upgrade, and upgraded the traditional brushed motor to a brushless motor, which can increase the service

life by 5 times. The new waterproof structure design realizes complete sealing and waterproofing. 

Double head balance power structural design is more stable

Double brush head rotation balance force; The friction force of high-speed rotation of the electric brush can also be

used to vigorously scrub the surface dust, sticky dirt and stubborn bird droppings of the photovoltaic panel with water

spray. Compared to single head device or roller brush the double brush head hedge structure has greater stability.

Light stability

Photovoltaic (pv) cleaning equipment currently on the market compared to the lightweight design, mostly belongs to the

heavy equipment, cleaning, carrying the inconve-nience, the noise big problems, our equipment adopting lightweight design,

get rid of the carrying of heavy equipment, operating inconvenience, realize the lightweight.good carrying, less noise, easy to clean.

Small water saving

The water consumption per square meter is about 1.5~3 liters, and the water consumption per megawatt is about 9-15

tons. In the case of achieving the same cleaning effect,it may be the current product with strong water saving.

Highly cost effective

One person a day can reach 1.2MW - 1.6MW cleaning volume, this product effi-ciency output ratio compared with similar

products, has a huge advantage.


This product provides a knapsack lithium battery powered washing system. You also need to solve the water supply problem

and connect the water pipe of our equipment to realize water supply. Then, you can buy lithium battery water pump +50 meters

water pipe in our shop to realize the short distance water supply of about 50 meters. Can also be for the remote cleaning

environment  to buy 220v high power water pump to achieve 100-200 meters distance water supply needs; In addition, encounter

no electricity environment can also buy gasoline pump directly get rid of the trouble of no water source no power environment.

The length of any extension is 7.5 meters Using the locking buckle structure, can arbitrarily adjust the length of the telescopic

rod, from the foot to the top can be easily cleaned, vertical row photovoltaic panel array can be cleaned about 4 rows.

High density large size PV fiber brush imported nylon wire, good wear resistance,and does not damage the photovoltaic panel.

lt weighs about 6kg and is easier to wash.In order to facilitate remote cleaning can also be easily controlled, the structure

of the machine has done a lot of lightweight processing, and the balance of the power structure, can be held in one hand,

even if the length of 8 meters can be easily cleaned.workers with not tired, not running away from the distance.

Type Angle adaptive adjustment Using adaptive Angle adjustment, without manual adjustment of Angle, near and far

distance cleaning, T-type damping structure will automatically make the brush head parallel to the light plate according

to the Angle of the cleaning surface, to maintain product stability and improve cleaning efficiency.

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