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Solar panel cleaning equipment X5

Length: 3.5 meters/5.5 meters/7.5 meters

Version: powerd version/Lithium version/Dual use version

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X5 Electric photovoltaic cleaning roller brush

About  0.8-1.2MW per day  cleaning/battery  life 4-5 hours  Rod  length  1.5m -7.5m free  telescopic/wash  dry  cleaning  dual  use

Rod head gooseneck design Less effort than a straight rod

The bending gooseneck design is adopted, and the construction personnel hold the cleaning rod to press and clean,

which is more in line with human mechanics and less labor than the straight rod.

     X5 solar panel cleaning equipment has mains version/lithium battery version/dual-purpose version. It is suitable for cleaning all kinds of photovoltaic panels within 10 meters, cleaning 0.8-1.2MW a day, and adopts the gooseneck design of the rod head, which is more labor-saving than the straight rod. This product is light in weight and high in strength with aluminum alloy and carbon fiber materials. Easy to operate, high efficiency, one machine for washing and dry cleaning.

The gooseneck design of the head is more labor-saving, and the cleaning of the rolling brush head is cleaner. The curved gooseneck design, the construction personnel hold the cleaning rod to press and clean, w hich is more in line with human mechanics and saves effort.

The rolling brush head is easier to clean and easy to operate. Washing and dry cleaning in one machine, suitable for photovoltaic cleaning within 10 meters. Multiple power usage modes are optional, equipped with long water pipes, and can use water freely. There are 220V mains version, flexible and portable lithium battery version, and dual-purpose version. You can use a bucket to carry water for cleaning, and you can choose an extended water pipe to connect to the faucet.

Mains version, the mains version has stable power and long-lasting supply. Configure 8 meters long power cord, a total of 16 meters long. Configure 220V to 24V power converter. Lithium battery version, flexible operation, not affected by power distance. Configure lithium battery pack + battery charger. Equipped with a battery backpack, cleaning is more flexible.

The dual-purpose version has strong applicability, taking into account the advantages of the mains version and the lithium battery version, making the power consumption more flexible and suitable for more working environments.


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