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High altitude manual water spray brush X2

Length: 3.6 meters/4.8 meters/6 meters/7.5 meters/9 meters/10 meters/11.4 meters

Version: Faucet version/Water pump version


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Solar panel cleaning|high-altitude exterior wall glass cleaning

0.26 mm special bristles Yun Jie products are trustworthy

High quality products, easy to use and more durable

Brush head angle can be adjusted Easy to clean ,no dead space

Rotating structure design-patent certification

Lightweight brush head, easy to clean

The total weight of the brush head is only 520 grams, high-quality bristles, Durable

length adjustable

Brand-new lock structure, flexible expansion and contraction effortless, highly arbitrary

Imported PU water pipe

The pipe wall is thick, pressure-resistant and explosion-proof, bright in color, and does not fade

Extended sponge handle

Black non-slip handle makes it more comfortable to use; Tail cap with a hole hides the water pipe


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