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Solar panel cleaning brush X3

Length: 3.5 meters/5.5 meters/7.5 meters

Version: Powerd version/Lithium version/Dual use version

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X3 single head photovoltaic cleaning machine

Six years of deep cultivation Continuous upgrading of the industry and steady quality.

Electric scrubbing is cleaner Significantly increase power generation

Electric scrubbing compared with the traditional mop or manual scrubbing tools, the electric brush head adopts a

high-speed motor at 300 RPM with nylon bristles, which does not harm the photovoltaic panel, and the cleaning 

is more thorough,and the energy yield is significantly improved.

Motor waterproof and dustproof easy to cope with the harsh environment

The motor is designed to be waterproof and dust-proof, which can easily cope with the rain and dust environment and 

improve the life of the motor.ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ 

Brush head adaptive adjustment does not run preference control

We use patented technology, brush head can adjust the Angle according to thephotovoltaic panel Angle adaptively, no

need to manually adjust the Angle, not easy to run off, better control.

High quality waterproof joint formed in one body

We especially choose integrated forming waterproof joint although the price is higher, but the quality is compared with

ordinary hand-welded aviation joint, strong, not afraid of stepping on.

Detailed product configuration diagram

As the core component of the product, the motor is designed to be waterproof and dust-proof, which can be easily

handled even in the rain and dust environment, thus improving the life of the motor.

Water-cooled Pull clasp Telescopic panel Sponge handle sleeve.

Choose large manufacturersto supply accessories

Choose large manufacturers to supply accessories. Xiang YANG tian no matter the cost, choose large manufacturers

direct supply of accessories, improve the life of the product.

The solar panel cleaning brush X3 has a mains version/lidian version/dual-purpose version, equipped with a 3.5/5.5/7.5-meter telescopic rod, and the brush head speed reaches 350 rpm. Connecting to the water source can realize water spray scrubbing. Compared with the double-head balance power washer, the advantage is that it is lighter, more flexible, and lighter in weight. Small-area short-distance photovoltaic power plants can consider this cleaning machine.

Independent intellectual property rights, universal micro-gear adjustment, patented technology micro-gear rotation structure design, 30 rotation gears can be adjusted at will. The angle of the brush head can be adjusted according to different construction angles and inclined surfaces of 180", and with the large-size photovoltaic fiber brush head with a diameter of 30CM, it is easy to brush and worry-free! A backpack-type lithium battery pack power brushing system is provided, and the lithium battery water pump + 50 meters of water pipe realizes 50 Short-distance water supply of about 1 meter, 220V high-power water pump can realize long-distance water supply demand of 100-200 meters. Gasoline pump can be purchased in anhydrous environment to completely get rid of the environment troubles of no water source and no power supply.

The mains version has stable power and long-lasting supply. It is equipped with an 8-meter-long power cord, a total of 16 meters long, and is equipped with a 220V to 24V power converter. Lithium battery version, flexible operation, not affected by power distance,

Configure lithium battery pack + battery charger, configure battery backpack, cleaning is more flexible.

The dual-purpose version has strong applicability, taking into account the advantages of the mains version and the lithium battery version, and the power consumption method is more flexible and suitable for more working environments.


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