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Shandong Yunjie Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to researching solutions for solar panel cleaning. We have developed a variety of tools specifically for solar panel cleaning, including solar panel cleaning robots, solar cleaning equipment, and solar panel cleaning brushes. Our products are efficient, safe, convenient, and environmentally friendly, providing customers with a better solar panel cleaning experience. We are committed to providing services for global solar cleaning and constantly promoting the development and innovation of solar cleaning technology. Our team adheres to the customer-first philosophy, continuously improving product quality and service levels, and allowing customers to choose our products and services with peace of mind. We will continue to invest in research and development, develop more advanced and efficient solar panel cleaning solutions, and provide customers with more comprehensive solar cleaning solutions.

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After-sale Department

Attitude, Skill, Acknowledge, Efficiency Attitude, Skill, Acknowledge, Efficiency

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The requirements of all-process, specialization and normalization.

Product inspection

full batch inspection and re-inspection of all products. re-inspection of all products.

After-sales service

Regular visits and timely feedback and problem solving. feedback and problem solving.

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We're contributing to supply technology and good quality products for global customers


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R&D Department

Rigorous, Cautious, Innovation, Progress

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Sincerity, Passion, Professional, Responsible

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Attentive, Patient, Diligent, Positive

After-sale Department

Attitude, Skill, Acknowledge, Efficiency


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