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Solar panel cleaning robot X7

Working voltage: 24V

Power supply method: Lithium battery (24V) * 2 pieces

Total battery life: 3-4 hours

Idle speed: 500 rpm

Cleaning width (brush head length): 1100mm/1700mm (optional)

Cleaning type: dry cleaning, water cleaning

Brush material: nylon

Travel speed: 11-12m/min

Water consumption: 20L/min

Control method: remote control handle control

Working angle: 25 ° ≤

Working temperature range: -20-50 ° C

External dimensions: 1220 * 500 * 190mm/1820 * 500 * 1

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X7 solar panel cleaning robot focuses on solving the environment where people cannot stand or telescopic poles cannot be cleaned. Robots can be used for remote cleaning. It is a special cleaning equipment designed, developed and manufactured according to the special environment of photovoltaic power plants in my country.

Under the control of the remote control, the crawler chassis all-terrain operation robot can realize forward, backward, left and right turns, etc., so as to walk in any direction on the solar panel and perform all-round cleaning operations without dead ends. The electric roller brush washing and dry cleaning dual-purpose robot is equipped with a rotating cleaning roller brush at the front end, and a water nozzle is installed on the upper end of the roller brush. The combination of the two realizes the efficient cleaning of solar panels. 150 meters remote control cleaning. The robot adopts a long-distance wireless remote control method, with a control distance of 150 meters and more flexible use. Clean about 12MW a day.

The warranty period is 12 months for drive motors, batteries, and chargers, and 6 months for electronic components.

Remarks: Consumables such as brush heads, crawlers, and belts are not included in the warranty.Non-warranty regulations, unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, liquid ingress, accidents, modifications, etc. Improper use of this product and accessories or tearing off labels.The failure of this product and accessories is caused by human factors. Damage caused by force majeure.


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